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Manage change & Collaborate across organizations

Quickly collaborate on documents across organizations and receive actionable feedback.

Powering the document lifecycle

Make theory a reality when managing a document's lifecycle. Whether your document is a simple contract or a complex technical drawing, it will work. You will be able to easily provide approved changes to your Authors through a managed workflow.

The document review cycle, for both electronic and print documents, consists of several stages. After the document is created, it is made available to a group of people for review, either concurrently or sequentially. There may be many review cycles when collaborating across organizations. After all of the reviewers’ comments and suggestions are approved or rejected, the author updates the document with the changes. At that time, a review may occur again. Once all collaborators have completed their reviews and all updates are made, the final document is published to an ECM or execute for signature.

Now is the time

Features at a glance

eReview was built from the ground up for Document Controllers. The solution focuses on document reviews with your internal team and external customers. Ultimately delivering approved document changes to the Author.

Flexible Workflow with auditing

Leave restrictive workflows to Enterprise Content Management systems! This solution allows you create flexible workflows that can be re-started at any stage in the process without sacrificing your audit trail.

Web-based Tools

The solution only requires a web browser to participate in a review. However, reviewers can also take the document on the go and upload annotations later. You get the best of both worlds!

Need a digital signature?

We have pre-integrated with popular signature software to provide the full execution lifecycle of a document. While this isn't necessary, add it to the many features.

Bringing it all together

  • Task and Notification Management

    The solution will notify users of important events such as a review reminders, deadlines and completions. You will always know where you stand.

  • Inviting Customers to participate

    Using the power of the cloud, you can securely invite customers to participate and allow them to maintain their own passwords or directly integration with their cloud credentials and single signon.

  • Advanced Reporting

    The solution includes the ability to create on-demand reports that will allow you to monitor reviews more closely. And, for that important meeting, the solution allows you to download data into your favorite reporting tool like PowerBI.


Extending is built-in


The solution was built with the ability to be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. We realize there many software platforms to help you control documents. The solution was built with integration in mind.

Explore all integrations

Integrations in the Enterprise

API by design

For the developers on your team, the solution is built on a fully documented API. This allows eReview to be tightly integrated with your internal or external applications. Being able to incorporate eReview into your applications provides the ultimate flexibility.

Enterprise Content Management

All Document Controllers have to deal with ECM systems and we are no different. We are integrated with Documentum, FileNet, Hadoop and many other popular ECMs for document retrieval and storage.

Cloud native

User management is tightly integrated with cloud providers to provide the ultimate flexibility and security that comes with cloud providers such as Azure, AWS and more.

The right tool for the job

It all starts by choosing the right tools

Stop making users track changes or install unnecessary software. Use the right tool for the job.

  • User friendly

    Completely web-based with a simple and intuitive design. Reduce the confusion of tracking changes. This solution eliminates the need for your reviewers to install bulky, costly, and hard to use software.

  • Integrations

    Already works with your Enterprise and your customers'. Don't worry about your IT Department. We already work with your ECM or PPM! And, we can finalize a workflow with a signature in popular signature services such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign and more.

  • Support

    We are dedicated to your success. We have support available 24/7 and around the globe.


Industries we serve


Complex contruction projects from oil and gas refineries to road construction require extensive collaboration across large teams to meet the stringent technical specifications, as well as budget and schedule requirements. Throughout a project, companies have to quickly and securely exchange information with the clients who finance and oversee the project. eReview is ideally suited for this industry.

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Every aspect of the manufacturing process begins with the design, which is why accurate drawings are so important. Investors, engineers, production technicians, and contract manufacturing partners rely on the information they find on a drawing. Time is money in the manufacturing world, and most organizations don’t like to waste either of those resources. eReview helps eliminate questions, reduce delays and avoids additional costs.


Law has always been a collaborative effort involving a range of individuals; lawyers, clients, court officials... to name just a few. We help collaborators work smarter, faster and with less effort, by easing the communication between teams. Moving from traditional methods of communicating to online collaboration is a top priority and can often lead to a competitive advantage.

Why you should choose eReview?

This solution was designed by Document Controllers for Document Controllers. The need for flexible workflows was paramount without sacrificing the audit trail. This allowed us to manage our service level agreements with our customers with full transparency.

This is the best tool for reviewing documents with large audiences across organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more detail?

You can purchase eReview on a per user basis. We have licensing structures for both Cloud hosted services or an On-premise version. As a Cloud service, we provide the hosting at an annual charge with elasticity to provide increased volume throughout the year. With the On-premise license, we provide installable software for your IT department to install and host.
In reality, the solution can be ready in minutes however, as part of our onboarding process, our team reviews your requirements and discuss any features that may benefit you and make adjustments as necessary.
During the onboarding process, we will help your team configure the system for optimum usage. In most cases, we've thought ahead and it's only a small configuration. However, if there is a new feature request, we will work with you on an hourly basis or make a proposal encompassing the changes.
Ideally, this is when you would drop us an email and we'd be happy to demonstrate the solution at a moment's notice. In a nutshell, the system has users, both internal and external (if allowed), and they are invited to participate in reviews. Reviews are organized by stages and stages control who has access to the document. A user will receive a task to complete the review by the stage deadline. They will access the document in a web-based review tool. They will be able to see annotations from the other reviewers in the stage. The document will flow through the stages as time permits or based on mandatory/optional participation by users. Finally, the document's annotations are typically accepted by a consolidator user and the Author is notified of accepted changes. The Author must return to the source document to make the changes while referencing the annotations. Reviews are initiated by using templates so, you don't have to recreate the same review over and over. Document Control will have access to manipulate the review in-flight. They can terminate a review, a stage or a user as well as add a user or restart at a particular stage. For more information, please contact us for a demo.

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